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The Advantages of Huatang Forged Lightweight Aluminum Wheels
与铸造铝合金车轮和钢制车轮相比,具有强度高、 重量轻、散热快的优势;卡客车锻造铝合金车轮不到 25公斤,钢轮毂为46公斤左右。同钢轮对比每只约减 少50%的重量,每台重载卡车(22只车轮)整车可减 轻500公斤左右。据世界铝业协会提供的数据,一般 情况下汽车每减少10%的重量,其燃油消耗便可降低 6%~8%。
Compared to the steel wheels, Huatang forged aluminum wheels are in the excellent performance in high strength, lighted weight, and faster heat radiance. Forged aluminum wheels for truck/coach weight less than 25kg (Huatang wheel in 23kg), while steel weight about 46kg, compared with steel wheels, the weight of each is reduced by about 50%. Each heavy-duty truck (22wheels) can reduce about 500kg weight. According to the statistics by international Aluminum institute, every*! 0o/〇 reduction in weight, an automobile will save 6%〜8% fuel generally.
铝合金车轮为一体锻造成型,专用数控机床整体加 工,使车轮的动平衡佳、圆度好;
Huatang Integral forging forming aluminum wheels are manufactured in special precise CNC machines, which can contribute to fabulous high roundness and dynamic balance of finished products.
我公司采用特殊定制的12000T锻压机生产车轮, 常规锻压机的压制速度是12mm/s,我公司锻压机速度 为24mm/s,使铝合金成型过程中应变速率更大、效率 更高,从而使锻造出的车轮强度和延伸率更高;
Huatang's forging speed of 24mm/s is twice faster than normal speed by adopting large-scaled 12000ton forging machine,and in the process of aluminum alloy forming, the strain rate is greater and the efficiency is higher, so that the strength and elongation of the forging wheel are higher.
我公司的锻造铝合金车轮每一只都有单独的二维码, 产品质量和工艺过程可追溯。
Each forged aluminum wheel with a unique QR Code, product processing can be traced, and well quality control achieved.
&我公司锻造车轮生产线是符合智能制造标准的自动 化生产线,产品的在线监测全部由设备保证,不合格产 品不会流转到下一工序;产品的工艺环境一致,使车轮 的一致性和稳定性更好。
The forging wheel production line of our company is an automatic production line which meets the intelligent manufacturing standard. The on-line monitoring of the products is guaranteed by the equipments, and the unqualified products will not flow to the next working procedure; the technological environment of the products is consistent, so that the consistency and stability of the wheels are better.
按重载卡车计算,因散热性更好,延长轮胎使用寿 命约33%,并延长刹车系统的使用寿命,节省支出约2 万元/年。整车减重500公斤,可多拉货,增加收益相 约2.5万元/年。油耗减少5%~8%。节省支出约1.5 万元/年。回收旧铝合金车轮价值约0.5万元。
Heavy trucks with forged wheels can dissipate heat more quickly. And thus the lifespan of the tire is extended by 33% and the lifespan of brake is also extended. Also helps to save about 20,000RMB per year. As the truck is 500kg lighter, more cargo can be loaded, which contributes to income increase by 25.000RMB per year. Fuel consumption is reduced by 5%~8%, which helps to save about 15,000RMB per year. 5000RMB can be gained by aluminum alloy wheel recycling.
重量更轻,百公里节省油耗5%~7%。每台重载卡 车减少二氧化碳排放量约为12000kg/年。
With lighter weight, it can save 50/〇~80/〇 of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Each heavy truck reduces C02 emissions by about 12,000kg/yr.